Jessica K. Peck, Esq., (2nd from Lft.) as a panelist on PBS for debate over voter fraud allegations.

Ms. Peck has penned hundreds of published columns, and has authored (or been cited in) the works appearing below.

  • Authored an analysis for Human Events on the changing voice of conservative women in advance of the 2012 elections (2012).
  • Featured in “Issues in Public Policy,” by Karin Stanford, CSU-Northridge Public Policy Press (2011).
  • Co-authored “Colorado’s Emerging Medical Marijuana Legal Framework & Constitutional Rights,” Colorado Lawyer, Nov. 2011.
  • Featured in “Foreclosure and the Death of Liberty,” by Mark Skelton (publication forthcoming).
  • Featured in “Discovering Arguments: An Introduction to Critical Thinking, Writing and Style,” 4th Edition, by William Palmer, published by Allyn & Bacon (2011).
  • Authored “From New London to Telluride and Beyond: Legal Developments Surrounding Eminent domain in Colorado from 2004-2009,” Independence Institute (2009).
  • Authored “An Academic Arms Race: The Catastrophic Rise of Taxpayer-Funded Salaries at the University of Colorado and its Peer Institutions,” Independence Institute (2009).
  • Featured in “Affirmative Action: Is it Time to End Racial Preferences?” by Peter Katel, CQ Press (2009).
  • Authored “Tower Tussle: the Colorado Battle Over Extraterritorial Condemnation,” Independence Institute (2008).
  • Authored “Literate Leaders: Opportunities to Improve Civic Literacy Curriculum on College Campuses,” Independence Institute (2007).
  • Authored “At the Crossroads of Condemnation: The Debate Over the Use of Eminent Domain for Private Development & Open Space,” Independence Institute (2006).
  • Authored “Condemning Character: Property Rights Victories and Abuses,” Arvadans For Responsive Government (2004).
  • Authored “The Conscience of Color: How Race-based Policies Segregate Students on America’s College Campuses,” Johns Hopkins University (2003).