1. Why Henley?

Perhaps you’ve never heard of the late Englishman William Earnest Henley.  It’s more likely that you’ve heard a line or two from his most famous poem, Invictus, in which he proclaimed, ”I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”

Henley’s writings were the byproduct of the immense personal and political challenges he witnessed over the course of his lifetime, including an infection that left him an amputee at a young age and the uphevel of World War I.   He used his voice to challenge government, mentor young writers, and provide a platform for the voiceless.

At Henley Public Affairs, we strive to live this legacy every day, with our clients front and center at everything we do.  Some clients come to us facing the most difficult professioanl challenges of their lives, others are first-time candidates eager to fight for crucial change.  Many are businesses seeking to take control of their own fate by building enterprises that will serve as their own legacies.  We are honored to be part of the cause.  There is nothing else we could see ourselves doing.

2. Cost

Henley offers customized flat-rate and hourly billing structures designed to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.  We are able to do this in a cost-senstive way because we maintain in-house experts to provide the services our clients need and desire.  By going with Henley, you can avoid the headache and hassle of utilizing multiple firms to meet all of your needs.

To us, lobbying isn’t just about going down to the Capitol to ask for lawmakers’ support. It’s about setting the tone for a legislative debate long before a bill is ever heard.  Similarly, for our corporate clients, we will help design messaging strategy well before a product or service goes public. While many businesses and campaigns devote substantial resources to paid advertising, Henley has developed cutting edge earned media and social media strategies that enable our clients to reach a broader audience in a time-sensitive way, often achieving our goals for pennies on the conventional advertising dollar.